We have over 20 years experience in the design + build of over 500 dental practices nationwide.

It's all about our approach to optimal dental practice design.​

Once we’ve chosen your new equipment, we can provide installation and setup services to ensure that it is properly installed and functioning correctly. We can even provide the right training to your dental staff on how best to use and maintain it.

We work closely with our dentists and our suppliers to discover new and innovative solutions to improve the quality and experience of patient care.

We're always happy to offer full consultation and support​

With so many things to consider, we’re always happy to provide a five-star consultation service to help your practice choose and maintain the right equipment for the job.

We’re well-known for our attention-to-detail, plus ongoing support in answering any questions and technical assistance – whenever and wherever it’s needed.


There’s no replacement for time and experience. We can help guide you through those first steps to make the right decisions now, rather than spending money fixing problems later.


As time and technology moves on, so does the need for your practice. We work closely with the dental industry to stay on top of all the latest dental developments and improvements.


We work with most of our dental clients closely over the years, watching and helping them grow as their practice expands. We’re a dab-hand at squeezing the most of any available space.

Got questions?

We understand that no two situations or practices are the same, so sometimes it’s best just to talk it through. Our friendly team is here for you when you need us.